-17 September, 2011: The Whisperer in Darkness won "Best of the Fest" (AKA Best
Picture) at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro, CA. It's the latest of many
kudos for the film.

-July 8th, 2011:
SUPER opens in cinemas in Japan , as well as the UK & France!

-May 9th, 2011: After 17 years of waiting,
Criminals is finally available on video !!!

-April 25, 2011: The new
SUPER page is live now! Check it out!

-April 1st, 2011:
Super will be released in theatres by IFC Films. Here's the TRAILER !

-December, 2010:
The Whisperer in Darkness is nearly complete.  It'll soon be
touring film festivals, and will subsequently be available on video.

-October, 2010: I'm acting in a bit role for director Mark Atkins' new film from Asylum
called "Battle of Los Angeles".  Don't blink or you'll miss it!

-September, 2010:
Super < premiered at the Toronto Film Festival , and was promptly
picked up by IFC Films for theatrical distribution!  Look for it in theatres in the first
quarter of 2011!
Here's a clip!

-April, 2010: I'm thrilled to announce that, 16 years after it was shot, Criminals is finally
coming to DVD!!!  Look for it soon on Amazon and other video outlets.  There's a trailer
for it
HERE !!! - I remember hopping on a plane with just a couple pieces of clothing and
my laptop stuffed in my backpack and flying off barely knowing what I was
getting into when we filmed this one!

- January 2010: I just returned from acting in
SUPER : the uber-cool film by James
Gunn!  It stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler, Nathan Fillion & Linda
Cardellini.  I play Quill, a tough guy, along with my fellow baddies Michael Rooker &
Sean Gunn. And major congrats to my castmate Kevin Bacon on winning the Golden
Globe for the HBO movie "Taking Chance". Way to go!!!

- October, 2009: I'll be acting in a film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's
The Whisperer in
.  The project is veiled in secrecy, so I'm not free to provide many details just
yet, but
here's the teaser trailer !

- August, 2009: I'm playing a small role in the Asylum's new film
2012: Supernova with
Brian Krause and Heather McComb. It'll be available on DVD October 27th.

- August: I've really been enjoying playing MMO games, but for years I've been limited
by carpel tunnel. I finally got a real gaming mouse -
https://tibcoblogs.com/best-budget-gaming-mouse/ and I'm in negotiations playing a
small role in a new MMO thats set to be released next year!

- July 28, 2009 The Land That Time Forgot premieres on DVD.  It'll also be on SyFy
Channel soon.  The trailer is

- May 19, 2009: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus , which has become a crazy, runaway
hit, premieres on DVD. It'll even be playing theatrically at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus in
London August 7th and at the Arclight in Hollywood shortly thereafter.  It stars Lorenzo
Lamas & Deborah Gibson. I'm mostly in the second half of the film, playing the US Sub's
Sonar Chief, "Sonar Steve". There's a great interview w/ the director
here .

- April 28, 2009:
The Terminators premieres on DVD. I'm in the first 10-15 minutes.
The trailer is
here .

- April 1 - 9, 2009: I'm acting in C. Thomas Howell's remake of Edgar Rice Burroughs'
The Land That Time Forgot . The film also stars Howell, Timothy Bottoms,
Darren Dalton & Lindsey McKeon.  I'm playing a U-Boat crewman named Lonzo.  A
good role, though my part is entirely in German!

- February 13, 2009: Joss Whedon's
Dollhouse premieres on the Fox network. I play a
tiny, rarely-speaking role as Eliza Dushku & Harry Lennix's driver. I'm hoping it may
develop into something more substantial if/when the show gets picked up for a second
season. Regardless, I've had a fantastic time working on the show since April of 2008
(almost a year!), and have been privileged to watch a master of the medium (Joss)
create a brand new show from the ground up! P.S. - Joss Whedon & Harry Lennix are 2
of the most awesome guys I've ever known or worked with. There's a pic on the
page .

- January 26, 2009: Episode 4 of our comedy web series
PG Porn goes live on
Spike.com. This one stars James Gunn and Sasha Grey.  
Click Here!!!

- January 12-13, 2009: Putting in a couple of days acting work on another Asylum film.
This one's called
Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and stars Lorenzo Lamas and
Debbie Gibson. Look for it on video May 19th!

-December 23, 2008: I'm acting in the new Asylum film,
The Terminators with Jeremy
London and A Martinez. It'll be on Blockbuster shelves on April 28th, 2009!

- December 22, 2008: Episodes 2 and 3 of the web series I produced,
James Gunn's
PG Porn
, are now live on IGN.  These two star, among others, Smallville's Lex Luthor
himself - Michael Rosenbaum, and Belladonna.  Check out our special Christmas
double-episode ode to Charlie Brown!  
Click Here!!!

- October 8, 2008: The first episode of a comedy web series I produced for James
Gunn premieres on Spike.com.  It's called
PG Porn , and it stars Nathan Fillion and Aria
Giovanni.  Check it out!

- October 2, 2008: A short film I helped produce,
Delaney, Opened at the Sitges Film
Festival in Spain.  It stars Daeg Faerch from the newest Halloween movie!

- September 16th, 2008:
Death Racers premieres on DVD.  I was out of town when
they suddenly decided to touch up the voice tracks, so they just replaced my voice on
it.  Oh, well...

- June 22, 2008:
100 Million BC debuts on SciFi Channel.  It hits the video shelves of
your favorite rental place on July 29th.

- January, 2008: Read my
interview in Mania Magazine (formerly Cinescape) by
Jarrod Sarafin, where I discuss
100 Million BC, among other topics.

- November 3-17, 2007: I'm filming, playing Navy SEAL 'Lt. Peet' in the Sci-Fi Channel
Original movie,
100 Million BC .  Click on the title to see the trailer!

- September 17, 2007: I'll be appearing on ABC's
General Hospital , as Silas the
Turkish informant.

- July 2, 2007: I've just wrapped a 3-day acting gig on a film by
The Asylum , playing the
office jerk in their new film,
666: The Beast .

- June 1, 2007:  My Interview on
filmnut is now available.  Check out my whole talk
show appearance by clicking

- August 22, 2006: The 10th Anniversary Edition of Tromeo & Juliet goes on sale!  
The new version is a 2-disc set, with all kinds of extras, including many featuring yours
truly.  See the
Tromeo page to order your copy!

Stephen in 'Tromeo & Juliet'
James Gunn & Stephen Blackehart in 'The Ghouls'
Stephen & his merry band of SEALs in '100 Million BC'
Stephen Blackehart as Lonzo in 'The Land That Time Forgot'
Sonar Steve in 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus'
Stephen Blackehart

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