No, it's not the Clint
Eastwood/Angelina Jolie crime
thriller.  It's a fantasy movie with
elves, pixies and ogres.

Here are some very early pictures
from the set. Changeling is a story
about Daniel Rumm, an
emotionally distant man who finds
out he is really a faerie changeling,
an elf switched at birth and raised
by a human family.

nature, he must enter the world of
the Faerie wood-creatures to
rescue the woman he loves.

You can see some of the tattoo
work in these photos, as well as
the prosthetic work done to
transform actor Chris Thomas into
Issen Fairface, the craggly old man
who steals human babies,
spiriting them away to unknown
fates in the Faerie world.
Me as Daniel Rumm,
with elvish tattoos
More elf tats
Actor Treva Etienne as
Jacarutu, Daniel's nemesis,
in human form.
Stephen in Fairyland,
transformed into a full elf.
Lead Actors Stephen
Blackehart and Mae Moreno
Jacarutu, once
inside Fairyland
A pixie-type elf, Ghillie.
Actor Chris Thomas, before and after his
transformation into Issen Fairface.
(l. to r.) Actors Eric Ramey,
Stephen Blackehart, and Yogi
Jacarutu with his goblin thugs (the
Redcaps), guarding the ogre gateway in
Fairyland, a.k.a. the "Glamour"
Jimmy Squarefoot.
Issen Fairface prepares to steal a baby.
Glen Douglas plays the
head of the Redcaps,