Criminals was the first feature in which
I played the lead.  I lost 20 pounds to
play the role, mostly muscle, to give my
character the drawn-out, weak feel and
look of Johnny, an alcoholic loser. We
actually shot this film while driving
cross-country from Brooklyn to Las

It's a modern Film Noir/Black Comedy,
which many
reviewers compared to the
early work of director Jim Jarmusch.

Shot in 1994 but not exhibited until
1997, Criminals was finally released on
DVD and Video-On-Demand in May,

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Britta Couris as Lizzie...or in this
It's a love story, a heist caper and a
black comedy all rolled into one.
...They might not be
the best criminals in
the world.
Blackehart as
Robert Margolis as Eddie
Before Soderbergh took on
"Ocean's 11, 12, 13", etc., there was
a quirkier Vegas heist
Coming in June, 2010 to DVD and On Demand!!!