(August 8, 2006)  Just got back
from Virginia, filming the
made-for-TV movie, "
".  It's a story about the
journey to the new world by
Captain John Smith and the
Jamestown settlers in April, 1607
(13 years before the pilgrims
landed at Plymouth Rock!).  It's
told through the eyes of the
chaplain, Rev. Robert Hunt.  I play
Smith's nemesis Edward Maria
Wingfield, an extraordinary man
who was the first leader of the

It's set to air on
ABC Family
on April 30th, 2007 - the
400th anniversary of the Landing
at Cape Henry.  Look for it on a
special broadcast of the 700 Club!
Stephen Blackehart as Wingfield.
Ship's Captain Christopher
Newport (Marc Appleby) surveys
the deck of the 'Susan
Constant', one of the 3 ships to
make the journey.
Bartholomew Gosnold (Marc Gable),
Captain Newport, and Wingfield are the first
to 'hit the beach' in the new world.
John Smith (Josh Adamson) and
seaman Matthew Fitch (Scott
Watkins) wait on the camera
Rev. Robert Hunt (Guy
Birtwhistle) at the Virginia
Co's offices in London.
The actual First Landing, shot only
about 100 yards from the historic site.
Some of the crew of the
Susan Constant (The
flagship for the Jamestown
A little mischief on Nevis Island...
New! Watch a preview of the
movie, along with a "Making Of"
featurette on the new website
devoted to this movie!!