The Land That Time Forgot
a loose, modern adaptation of the classic
book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and a
remake of the 1975 Americus film that starred
Doug McClure.

It stars C. Thomas Howell (
The Outsiders,
The Hitcher, Soul Man
), Timothy Bottoms
The Last Picture Show, Paper Chase),
Darren Dalton (
The Outsiders, Red Dawn)
and Lindsey McKeon (
Saved by the Bell).  It
was also directed by Howell and adapted by

I play Lonzo, a sailor from a stranded German
U-Boat.  My entire role was in German, which
I had to learn for the part.  Okay, I didn't learn
the whole language...just what I needed.

Everyone was
amazingly nice and a joy to
work with!!  Some of the most fun I've had
making a movie!
Blackehart as
Lonzo, on the
lookout for dinos.
Timothy Bottoms as Captain
Burroughs, leader of the ill-fated sea
Lindsey McKeon and Darren Dalton
aboard the Explorer, with Caprona in
the background.
Anya Benton and C. Thomas Howell
discuss whether or not to land on the
mysterious island of Caprona.
Darren faces off against one of the
island's less-friendly residents.
The crew of the lost-in-time German  
U-41 on the beach on Caprona.
Lindsey McKeon in Land That Time Forgot
C. Thomas Howell
Check out the
original and its
sequel from the
1970s!! (above)
The castaways
put their heads
together to find
a way off the

That's me on
the right.
Darren Dalton
David Stevens as Jude, a pilot from the 1950s
Lindsey McKeon
Darren Dalton
C. Thomas Howell
David Stevens