LolliLove was the first feature film I ever
produced. It's about a wealthy but severely
misguided married couple (
Jenna Fischer
and James Gunn
), who set out to make a
difference in the lives of the homeless by
starting a charity that hands out lollipops to
homeless people. Not just any old lollipops,
mind you, but ones with wrappers
emblazoned with James' artwork...which is
designed to inspire them to live better lives,
get jobs, use birth control, etc.

It's a "mockumentary" that takes satiric aim at
wealthy types who get involved in charitable
causes for ultimately selfish and self-serving
reasons.  It stars my friends (and
then-married couple)
James Gunn (Dawn of
the Dead, Slither
) and Jenna Fischer (The
Office, Walk Hard
), along with Linda
(Brokeback Mountain, E.R. ),
Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall ),
Judy Greer (13 Going on 30, The Village ),
Lloyd Kaufman (legendary B-Movie director),
and many more!
The DVD cover for LolliLove
If you don't
see the
trailer to the
right, you may
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Jenna (with Mercedes Thurlbeck) has
always been quite charitable.
Jenna Fischer and James Gunn.
Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini
James and Jenna demonstrate the harsh
realities of being homeless.
At the 2005 AFM, where we received the  Kodak
Independent Soul Award
, presented by Fred "the
Hammer" Williamson.
Some of the LolliLove cast at TromaDance in
Park City. (l. to r.) Lloyd Kaufman, Jenna
Fischer, Stephen Blackehart and Joan Blair