Retro Puppet Master
Retro Puppet Master was the last of
the true
Puppet Master films, which was shot
during the death throes of the old
Full Moon

I played the confusingly-named "First

You: Like, you mean you were the butler?
Me: Uh, no. The First Servant of Sutekh.
You: Oh, uh, wow. That's much more clear.

I was the villain ...a mummy raised from the
dead by...

-The Egyptian God
Sutekh , in order to track
down and kill...

-The Sorceror
Afzel, before he can pass on
the secrets of the dead to...

-Young Parisian puppeteer
Andre Toulon
(the future Puppet Master).

Confused? You're not alone.
Me with two co-stars,
Retro-blade , and Dr. Death.

It's set in 1892 Paris, and was shot in
Bucharest, Romania.  It used to play in
heavy rotation on Sci-Fi Channel.

As a piece of trivia, the climax at the end of
the film originally called for me to morph into
a giant, monster-like mummy creature and
battle to the death against Toulon. Most of
our budget got pulled during production,
though, so now it ends with a fist-fight.

Retro was released in 1999, and then
exhumed in 2003 so that excerpts from it
could be planted into the clip-show-like
Puppet Master: The Legacy
(above) between fellow recovering mummies, 3rd
(Vitalie Bantas) and 2nd Servant (Robert
I'm in the middle.
Pull my finger!
(left) with Ilsa (played by
Brigitta Dau) and
Radoveanu) on board the
train near the climax of
the film.
(right) Greg
Sestero as young
Toulon and Jack
Donner as Afzel
the Sorceror
It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A, ...it's fun to stay at the YMCA-A!!!
(above) The mummy Servants of Sutekh being
raised from a 3,000 year slumber.  Coffee
(left)Toulon has,...
yes...it's a thought!!!
(right) Ilsa
defies her
father, while the
Swiss Guard,
um... guards
Romanian actor Robert
Radoveanu and I chill with
the Puppet Master stars, past
and present
(right) Behind the scenes, as
Second Servant
and First Servant
pay a visit to Ilsa at the Swiss
(right) Retro Puppets taking a break from shooting...
(l. to r.) Dr. Death, Cyclops, RetroSixShooter,
RetroBlade, and RetroTunneler
(Above) The trailer for Retro Puppet Master