Me in the foreground as the
Rockabilly Vampire
Originally titled Burnin' Love , this is a
film that was shot immediately after
Tromeo and Juliet, though picked up &
renamed by Troma later. It was great to
work with Valentine Miele again.
Valentine Miele
and I on the
lookout for Eddie
Troma's Poster for Rockabilly Vampire
I play Wrecks Vincent, the evil vampire
brother of
goodie-2-shoes vampire
Eddie (Paul Stevenson).  I first bit him
in the 1950s and have been trailing him
ever since then, trying to put that 2nd
bite on him to put him under my control.

The movie begins almost 50 years
later, when my flunkie vampire brood
and I catch up to Eddie in Greenwich
Village, New York City, where Eddie's
met and fallen for a gal with a downright
obsession for the 50s and Elvis (whom
Eddie likes to impersonate).
Paul Stevenson as my twin brother, Eddie Vincent
Uuughhhh!  Could this be the end of Wrecks!?
Me dead on the rooftop, after the
battle between the vampire
brothers' Vincent.
Paul Stevenson and Margaret Lancaster as Eddie and Iris