Tromeo and Juliet
This is the first project I ever did for Troma.  It's
a punk adaptation of the Shakespeare classic, and
won a lot of awards, including the Grand Prize at
London's Raindance Film Festival.  I went into it
with a lot of hesitancy, but ended up having a
great time, and making some really lasting
friendships.  I also ended up with 13 stitches in
my face and three torn tendons in my foot, but
that's another story!
(above)  Note the real blood on my
chin.  This picture was taken moments
after actress Tiffany Shepis accidently
put her 5-inch metal high-heel boot heel
through my chin, during a fight scene
between the Capulets and the Ques.
It's been a HUGE hit all over the world, and
I'm proud to be in it!
(left) Briefly, I
was a comic
This is from
the first issue
of the
& Juliet
books, which I
think you can
find in stores,
or on the
Troma website,
in the
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(above) The Que family (l. to r.), Benny,
Monty, and Tromeo.
Another night in Cannes.  
"Tromeo" writer James Gunn,
actor Seymore Cassel, and myself
In Cannes, France, 1996.  The World
Premiere of "T & J".  (l. to r.),
Actress/Rocker Jane Jensen (Juliet),
me, Troma UK rep Michelle Ingram.
* to see a bit of one of Jane's
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