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(right) One of the many beautiful
Byzantine Bisericas that adorn
Bucharest.  Prior to World War II,  
Bucharest was called "The Little
Paris of the East".
(left) The Economics Ministry, at the end
of a medieval street.  On the far right of
the frame is a tavern called "Carul cu
Bere", meaning "song with drink".  It's the
oldest in Bucharest, and I had some
delicious meals there, for practically
nothing.  Also, apparently, a drink or two
before I took this shot!
(right)  The "Arcul di Triomphe", in the middle of the Embassy area.  It
was built before WWI, and the Germans, Russians, and Americans
have all marched through it, as well as the occasional Romanian.  
While I was there, I figured I'd better march through, too, and claim
Romania in the name of New York.
(left)  The remains of Prince Vlad Tepes' Bucharest
Palace.  Better known as Count Dracula, he was the
founder of Bucharest.  After his death, many of his
castles were either over-run by the Hohoffensteins,
or torn down by his own people.  In the lower part of
this picture, you can see the entrance to the
dungeons.  The tunnels within run all over the old
city, and were used all the way up until 1989 by
Ceaucescu's secret police.
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