is definitely the coolest film I've ever been
lucky enough to be a part of.

It stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Kevin
Bacon, Liv Tyler, Gregg Henry, Andre Royo,
Nathan Fillion, Linda Cardellini, Michael
Rooker, Sean Gunn & Yours Truly. It's written
& directed by James Gunn.

Rainn plays Frank D'Arbo, a down & out short
order cook who snaps when his wife (Liv
Tyler) leaves him for a local drug kingpin
(Kevin Bacon).  Believing himself to be called
by a higher power to right the world's wrongs,
Frank becomes a costumed vigilante...The
Crimson Bolt.

Joined by his "kid" sidekick Boltie (Ellen
Page), he uses a pipe-wrench to take more
than a bite out of crime.

SUPER is distributed by IFC Films and
premiered in theatres April 1, 2011.
(above) Rainn Wilson as Frank
D'Arbo, a.k.a. The Crimson Bolt
Ellen Page as Libby, a.k.a. Boltie
Michael Rooker and Stephen Blackehart
are goons who battle the Crimson Bolt.
Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler and Stephen
Blackehart test out the latest batch of
Stephen Blackehart, Kevin Bacon, Sean Gunn
and Michael Rooker confront Rainn Wilson.
(l. and r.)  
Photos from the
premieres of
SUPER at the
Theatre in
Hollywood and
at the Toronto
Film Festival,
A still from the film's animated opening
sequence portraying Sean Gunn &
Stephen Blackehart.